Why Fashion Graduate Italia

Our core values

The schools of PSFM organize the first event open to the city dedicated to fashion and its processes. Three days of talks, fashion shows, exhibitions, consulting, workshops to discuss and communicate the approaches and trends of a rapidly changing sector.

The initiative, which stems from the will of the Italian fashion education system, has a twofold objective:

  • an analysis of the processes, of teaching methods, of the challenges of education of a world in continuous and rapid evolution
  • openness to young people who are interested in this sector and want to find their way through the various possibilities offered.

Academics, students and professionals meet to reflect and celebrate the long tradition of Italian fashion and its global openness: a large part of our students come from all over the world, contributing to spread the Italian style internationally.

An opportunity for discussion and exchange, a place where young people can participate without the exclusive access of the usual fashion week, in which to analyze and understand what direction fashion is going through the eyes of schools and professionals that collaborate with them.

A place to discuss culture, even before clothing or accessories, which are nothing but the result of a complex conceptual and technical process, a place to test oneself, to make informed choices for their future, to offer visibility to talent and to deal with the complexity of emerging professions.

Training is (or should be) the heart of the future, the place of innovation and exchange.

Our strength is our students and openness to the change. Our first mission is to understand the challenges
of the future to train generations in a market – a system – that is proving increasingly random. Our ability is in
intercepting needs not yet emerged from the market and not just following the most imminent requests.

In a common thread that consists of many initiatives, and with spaces dedicated to each institute where
visitors can relate to the different visions of the fashion system, this event wants to represent the
educational reality of the Italian system through the vast number of schools that are part of it