Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera – Scuola di Fashion Design

The Fashion Design course of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, second level degree and lasting two years, aims to train designers capable of designing and producing a collection of clothes and accessories.  In particular, the course is characterized by theoretical and laboratory teaching aimed at spreading a culture of design, attentive to the contamination and hybridization of contemporary knowledge and practices. A choice in line with the centuries-old history of our Academy.  Fashion, therefore, as a plural language: privileged observatory of the visual arts, applied arts and trends. During the course of teaching (from textile design to jewelry design, from modeling to fashion setting, from publishing to design management), students have the opportunity to compete with a modus operandi strongly rooted in the process and design tradition of Made in Italy and together, open to the innovative scenarios of the Internet and to the new frontiers of digital as well.

Gli studenti hanno la possibilità, durante lo svolgimento degli insegnamenti (dal textile design al design del gioiello, dalla modellistica all’ambientazione moda, dall’editoria al design management), di misurarsi con un modus operandi fortemente radicato nella tradizione processuale e progettuale del made in Italy. E insieme, aperto agli scenari innovativi della Rete e alle frontiere inedite del digitale.

A dream that comes from afar and the tenacious search for its realization are the common feeling of the students selected for making of, three very different personalities and distant from each other, but with the same curiosity, desire to know and experiment to give space to the expression of own creativity.
In their work you can recognize a growing development and a resolute awareness that is also theresult of all stimuli received during the years of study.
Cristian Diserio attentive to the most extreme expressions of fashion but at the same time sensitive to the issues of sustainability, Giovanna Fiaccabrino aware of the importance of critical and creative thinking to be expressed through a digital way, Melinda Miccichè interested in the problems of the female universe sees fashion as expression of the weakness and strength of women.


The students of Brera Academy of Fine Arts, once again this year, will be present at the “Fashion Graduate” show: one of the major events dedicated to the stylistic research of young designers.
On the catwalk: Daria Bulavina, has created a collection dedicated to the extemporaneousness of existence, focusing on news items such as the pandemic and the war in Ukraine; Irene Centonze, has created clothes that reflect on her origins, creating an imaginary dialogue between the Byzantine and the Tibetan world; Domenico Dicorato creates entirely by hand a collection rich in embroidery, rhinestone, coral and tinsel; Cristian Diserio, worked on a concept that is attentive to the cowboy’s wardrobe from the circular economy point of view; Gloria Chirivì, has created an autobiographical collection; Giulia Gurnari, has proposed clothes that lead us to the discovery of our mind and our physicality, revealing unexplored areas of our unconscious; Melinda Micciché, has created a collection aimed at focusing attention on an urgent and current issue: violence against women; Alessia Sparacio, has created clothes that reflect an inner journey made of challenges and awareness; Maryna Vialichka, has invented a travel-collection, that is a study on the metamorphosis of the body; Jingyang Zheng, has created a collection dedicated to addiction to tools such as the Internet and the Net, underlined by the use of bright and psychedelic colors.
Different personalities, distant identities who, in their plurality, have tried to translate the creative and cultural codes of our Institution and of their biographical-formative path.