IED – Istituto Europeo di Design

Founded in Milano in 1966, IED is the only Higher Education Institution in the creative field to have maintained a completely Italian identity over time.

With a network consisting of 11 sites within 3 Countries (Italy, Spain and Brazil), every year IED launches innovative training projects in the fields of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication, to ensure that its students will be the future new interpreters of the universal language of design.

Therefore, IED assumes the identity of a research space, an open network, inclusive and active, able to teach and promote design culture for individuals and society, a place where the approach to Design becomes a vehicle for social, cultural and economic transformation.

Through the words and images used in the videos, Alessandro Bonini, Gaia Ceglie and Maria Eleonora Pignata talk about themselves and their ambitions, the educational experience they lived at IED and the concept of the projects they present at Fashion Graduate Italia. The three students describe in first person the creative and design path, the research work and the values that animate their collection.


A journey around IED Italia Seats through the concepts of the ten students who will present their capsule collections:

Niccolò Artibani – Dressmaking Surgery explores the disturbing aspect behind the insatiable attraction towards an ideal of perfection. The collection, behind cuts and transformations, establishes a parallel between fashion and surgery which from the Greek “kheirūrgía” translates as: “hand operation”. The hand that operates like that of a surgeon on the dress rather than on the body.

Carolina Aru – ūnus represents a subjective path of the individual that starts from his subconscious (immaterial and abstract) and then becomes aware of what is outside him, the body, (tangible matter). The collection represents this path as an evolution from deconstructed garments (to garments with clean and defined lines.

Lorenzo Attanasio – Collateral Beauty auxiliary, re-educational concept to be extended for those personalities who suffered a trauma, lived situations of deep and extreme pain. The collection expresses the creative whole of those personalities, the interior voice emerges creating new subspaces, it ramifies creating connections through different contaminations.

Alessandro Bonini – PER_SON_A addresses the concept of remembrance, old photos are what remains of tangible memories. This awareness brings us a nostalgia that remains in two-dimensional form. This concept is translated into the collection through layering of different materials, sensations and transparencies.

Gaia Ceglie – Deformiter the collection proposes the shift of the concept of identity from an excessive layering of fabrics, exaggerated volumes and the progressive cancellation of the silhouette. A no gender collection where the body becomes a concept and decides to let the hidden nostalgia speak.

Riccardo Cotta / Matteo Majorana – Helter Kobayashi the collection develops from a fictitious character who goes through a series of adventures that help him understand different concepts such as prejudices, stereotypes, personal dualism, masks and questioning the aesthetic codes of contemporary society.

Luca De Prà – Dividit collection based on “The Cloven Viscount” of Italo Calvino, in which the Viscount is divided into a multitude of parts, and each of them comes to life. The collection includes clothing based on centuries of pattern research such as coats, shirts and crinoline, studied, emphasized and improved in order to transform a personal garment into an affective object, to wear and store.

Alessandra Gasparroni – Claustrophobia focuses on the theme of constraints, limitations imposed on the individual will, whose main key element is to perceive one’s freedom as limited. The collection combines the words ‘constraint’ and ‘freedom’ through sensations of solids and voids: stratifications and manipulations, create a sense of suffocation, heaviness, while basic garments, lighter, with the predominance of white, create feelings of relief and lightness.

Giovanni Marchetti – Let me sleep dreamlike fashion collection, a deep, bold, varied and eclectic journey, the perfect meeting between reality and hallucination. It’s composed through transparent textiles, such as leathers and rubbers, which show the canonical reality that lives in each of us. The comfort padding and vivid prints with optical characters show the body in its cognitive and expansive process.

Maria Eleonora Pignata – Akhet. Destroy and Reborn. The collection tells the coexistence of these two drive triggers. Everything is a balance between opposites: the disorder of the incompleteness of the garment and the order of the rigid forms of minimalist design. Even the color chart, between natural pigments and dark tones, creates a chorus of visual contrasts in perfect harmony between them.