Istituto Secoli, fashion school founded in 1934, aims to spread the culture of Made in Italy by teaching students a working method and the full knowledge of the creative, technical and manufacturing development sector processes. Studying at Istituto Secoli means becoming a fashion maker capable of creating garments designed in every detail and, for the three-year students, displaying their own collections during the Secoli Fashion Show; an event which allows the skills acquired during the training course to come to life. For talented graduates, the Institute brings them to the stage, on the most important runways for young creatives: the Designer to Watch project is where the school’s emerging talents interpret styles and trends within new collections- where experimentation and tradition merge.

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Designer to Watch @ Fashion Graduate Italia 2022

8 Designers to Watch, 8 capsule collections – 4 womenswear and 4 menswear – for a total of 40 outfits: this is the number of outfits that Istituto Secoli presents at Fashion Graduate Italia 2022, created by this year’s best talents: Alex Bellucci, Chiara Zappa, Federica Dondi, Geri Luntungan, Jacopo Montanari, Leonardo Carrieri, Raffaella Mastrangelo, Valeria Simonova.
With diverse inspirations, addressed themes, and creative developments; going from concepts of artistic inspiration to concepts that tackle social topics, they are all a product of contemporary experimentation.