Next Fashion School by Carla Secoli

Next Fashion School by Carla Secoli supports the talent of young people and professionals in the entire creative/executive process, with highest competence.

The training method, constantly updated, prepares technically competitive professional figures, specialized in recognizing the needs of the markets and sensitive to the ever-changing fashion industry.

The Next Generation, community of Next Fashion School, is a dynamic reality of students who imagine, create and evolve.

In Bologna, Ancona and Padova headquarters, we transform their attitudes into corporate projects, and this is why our graduates are appreciated and requested in the most important national and international realities of the Fashion System.

We are the Next Fashion power.

Being part of the Next Generation doesn’t just mean being passionate about research, giving life to creatività and using proven and versatile construction techniques. It means above all having fun and playing with your limits to break them down: when you know the tools you’re prepared for any virtuosity of style. Federica Alessi, Sofia Ricci and Filippo Verzè show the essence of the Next Generation, creative flair, desire to show their ideas and smiles for having succeeded.



HERE and NOW as a mantra of equilibrium, the balance between opposites becomes a new concept of inspiration.

Sociological analyses of the consumer show that everyone seeks the perfect balance to live phygital, moving one’s life between situations in contrast but that integrate with fluidity.

ON/OFF Turn on digital interactions to share, for services and for experiences, turn off the connections to regain calm, quiet, meditation, human relationships.

INDOOR/OUTDOOR living the house, as a performance cradle and networking with the outside community, through safe interactions. Living the outdoor spaces to immerse yourself in the natural scenery, appreciating its materiality.