Istituto Modartech

Istituto Modartech is a higher educational training center in the Fashion and Communication field.  A contemporary school that links research and experimentation in the true Italian know-how. Where the vision becomes a project, in a pathway of experience, comparison and creative dialogue between craftsmanship and technology, between sustainability and innovation.
In the heart of Tuscany, the Institute offers a unique training experience to the students, in one of the most important Italian fashion district.

Discover the Graduates’ collections Making Of, from the Fashion Design course of Istituto Modartech. Projects based on values ​​such as: tradition, innovation, sustainability and inclusion, enhancing the art of craftsmanship.
Four Hands | Marta Cianfagna
Desire Path | Giulia Giardi
Planet X | Alessia Pontanari


Let’s explore the collections created by the Modartech Graduates from the Fashion Design course. A creative journey  that combines research, experimentation and Italian know-how. Points of view on the fashion of the future characterized by sustainable materials with upcycled and eco-friendly inserts, natural yarns, biodegradable organic composition fabrics and personalized accessories.  Focus on needle punching, embroidery and knitwear, textile design and prints. At the heart of everything there is the creativity of young talents combining  design and innovation.

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