Gianfranco di Natale

Gianfranco di Natale

General Director Confindustria Moda

Gianfranco di Natale graduated in Political Science at the University of Milan.

After a brief experience in a multinational company and a bank, he entered the confindustrial system in 1981 as head of the Research Department of the Novara Industrial Association.

He was subsequently Director of the Knitwear Association, of the Verbano Cusio Ossola Industrial Union, General Manager of Unipro (now Cosmetica Italia) and since 2005 is General Manager of SMI Sistema Moda Italia.

From March 2017 he is General Director for Institutional Affairs of the newly formed Confindustria Moda Federation.

In December 2017 he was awarded the honor of Knight of the Order of Merit of the Republic, at the proposal of the President of the Council of Ministers.