Ian King


Ian King

Ian King is a full research Professor at the University of the Arts, London and the London College of Fashion.  He is also visiting professor at Shanghai Institute for Visual Arts, University of Antwerp, Belgium; Karlshochschule International University, Germany; and RMIT, Australia.

His background originates in the theatre and the music business.  His PhD was in Strategic Decision-Making in the Popular Theatre.

Ian has published widely both in journals and in books – in the fields of art, philosophy, organization studies and fashion.

He is a very experienced PhD supervisor and has successfully supervised many research students in these fields.  He is currently Chair of the Research Degree Committee.

His present research looks at the relationship of the body to aesthetics and his thoughts on this can be found in his latest book entitled: ‘The Aesthetics of Dress’ (published by Springer in 2017).

He is also responsible for the International Fashion Colloquia series that explores the relationships between academia, media and industry.  He has held fashion events in London, Milan, Paris, New York, Sao Paulo, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Ho Chi Minghm, Shanghai and more.  He is currently organizing fashion colloquia events to be held in Arnhem, Ethiopia, India and Bilbao.

In addition, he is currently co-director of a UNESCO sponsored international Cultural Governance project that is examining different practices that exist in arts and cultural organizations in ten countries across five continents.