From over twenty years, Harim Accademia Euromediterranea has been offering high  training in Fashion, Design, Visual Communication, Marketing, Jewelry and  Photography in Italy.  The union among tradition and innovation, management and manual skill prepares the  student for a wide variety of careers. Knowledges and competences are provided for  developing the talent and for becoming a professional in design sector. Harim’s aim is intensifying the idea, the artistic vision and the talent to offer a  competitive education, thanks to professional professors and high practical training.  The student will be helped during his educational process of research, design and  tailoring, in order to contextualize his idea in the fashion system. Thank to demanded  excellence standards, Harim maintains a significance profile into international training,  with a placement service studied for each student’s necessity.

Today we talk about sustainability and the Academies are a fundamental part for the knowledge and education of young people to implement more sustainable ways, with innovation strategies and new opportunities.

To be competitive in the world of fashion, three fundamental factors must be evaluated, which are: quality; innovation that is linked to creativity and sustainability to safeguard our planet. The themes in which our students were inspired for their collection, in fact, are embroidery and re-fashion.

So, the high experimentation derived from sophisticated sewing techniques together with the use of innovative materials has led to results distinctly declined on the suggestions of the items presented.


breve testo  come lo scorso anno