Next Fashion School by Carla Secoli

Next Fashion School by Carla Secoli supports the talent of young people and professionals in the entire creative/executive process, with highest competence.

The training method, constantly updated, prepares technically competitive professional figures, specialized in recognizing the needs of the markets and sensitive to the ever-changing fashion industry.

The Next Generation, community of Next Fashion School, is a dynamic reality of students who imagine, create and evolve.

In Bologna, Ancona and Padova headquarters, we transform their attitudes into corporate projects, and this is why our graduates are appreciated and requested in the most important national and international realities of the Fashion System.

We are the Next Fashion power.

The Next Generation has a past that becomes a treasure of inspiration, from personal experiences to fashion taste and defined choices ranging from Gothic glam to 90s streetwear in a polyhedric and unique framework of life. The next goal is the determination to improve, with energy and belief, our personal selves and what’s around us.
It’s time to act without hesitation to make our vision of the future real, in order to actively support the change and become the main character.
The making of by Next Fashion School has been interpreted by: Giulia Castellini, Giulia Merlari and Angelica Tinti.


The Next View

Each individual encompasses a great strength: an infinite and self-regenerating power of flexibility that manifests in various prismatic facets and sequences, each different but wonderfully cohesive and harmonious.

We are the product of what we have seen but we are also the result of our dreams and aspirations. And our product transforms over time.

Clothing is now irreversibly moving towards an individual style, at times defined, at times contradictory, and increasingly distant from the mainstream idea that we must conform.

The Next Generation show snapshots of the present that reflect the desires of the future.

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