Talent to talent: Daegu and Osaka


Starting from this edition, Fashion Graduate Italia dedicates special attention to international talent through the introduction of a new dedicated project: Talent to Talent. A format dedicated to the best fashion international universities and academies with the aim of creating a global training network that continuously promotes dialogue between talents from every region of the world and creates new opportunities for exchange and mutual enrichment. 

Special guests of this first edition of the Talent to Talent project are the cities of Daegu and Osaka that, thanks to the collaboration with the City of Milan, will bring to Fashion Graduate Italia the creations of students from their most prestigious fashion and design universities.

This initiative further strengthens the synergy between Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda ETS and the Municipality of Milan, as part of the international cooperation aimed at promoting City to City collaborations with the whole world promoted by the Municipality of Milan.

City of Daegu (Korea) – Ordinary effects

The fashion show dedicated to the city of Daegu features 13 students from Keimyung University and Kyungpook National University, who will present their capsule collections. The concept of the fashion show, Ordinary effects, is inspired by the research of a harmony of Korean tradition and modernity, using recycling materials. Keimyung University students chose natural dye and materials to embrace dignity of Korean Seonbi – scholar and natural scenery to their work, while Kyungpook National University students prepared recycling work by reusing existing clothing.

Keimyung University - Department of Fashion Design

Title of the collection: FUTURE. Students: Kang Jae Woo, Lee Hyeon Jae

Keimyung University - Department of Fashion Marketing

Title of the collection: CRACK-ER. Students: Park Somin, Kim Chaerim, Song Jeonghyun, Go Taeuk, Baek Soye

Kyungpook National University - Daegu Campus

Title of the collection: CAUTION SIGNAL. Students: Su-Jeong Lee, Ji-Hye Choi, Koong-Jin Nam, Soo-Yeon Kim

Kyungpook National University - Sangju Campus / Department of Fashion Design

Title of the collection: CADENZA. Students: Jung Hui Gyeong, Jueng Chae Young

City of Osaka (Japan) – Know the unknown ~ The Osaka way

Ever since the City of Milan and the City of Osaka established a sister city affiliation in 1981, the two cities have amassed vibrant exchanges in a diverse range of areas, such as business, culture, and fashion. This time, in the fashion field, five Osaka fashion school/university Marronnier College of Fashion Design; Osaka Institute of Fashion; Osaka Seikei University; Ueda College of Fashion; Osaka Mode Gakuen College of Fashion & Design will all participate in the Fashion Graduate Italia 2022.
The theme is “Know the Unknown ~The Osaka Way”. Please enjoy the Osaka Way!

Marronnier College of Fashion Design

Title of the collection: TO DEVELOP ALL THINGS AND COMPLETE ALL UNDERTAKINGS. Students: Mizuki Ise

Osaka Institute of Fashion

Title of the collection: CHOOSE LIFE. Students: Ms. Miku Ueno

Osaka Mode Gakuen College of Fashion & Design

Title of the collection: SAME THING. Students: Yoshida Keisuk

Osaka Seikei University

Title of the collection: NEWSTALGIA MIXTURE. Students: Mai Hirooka

Ueda College of Fashion

Title of the collection: LOVE IS BEST. Students: Yudai Yamamot