How are future trends born?



Nov 3, 2022


10:00 - 10:40



How are future trends born?


Virtual workshop – Microsoft Teams

Teacher: Fiorenza Spezzapria

Research on future trends starts from the necessity to decipher languages which will influence the evolution of new products. This is the case in the fashion industry as well many other fields. 

Through a careful analysis of what surrounds us, it is possible to define both macro and micro trends. And from these one can generate new horizons and perspectives.

Here are the themes we will be discussing:

New technologies related to sustainability and fashion, digital reality, genderless and gender fluidity. Moreover, we will discuss on topics related to nature, and how climate change will dictate and shape our future needs. 

Last but not least, a series of new styles which current trends have highlighted, through the use of forecast images and colours.