Fashion Avatar & Virtual Influencer



Oct 19, 2023


11:00 - 12:00



Fashion Avatar & Virtual Influencer

Istituto Modartech

Virtual lecture – Google Meet

 To date, all the great fashion houses have experienced their entry into a digital and interactive world made up of virtual stories, NFTs but also avatar environments, backstages and catwalks. An interconnected future, where it is possible to create your own avatar, socialize with other users and buy goods and products, which can be worn in real time, in a large “Virtual Happening fashionista”. The contaminations between different worlds and engaging content, between games, brands and fashion are increasingly strong. Also interesting is the phenomenon of virtual influencers, testimonials for brands that want to interact with Gen Z. The workshop aims to make case histories from the fashion world known, to understand one future of fashion, between collaborations, contaminations and interactions that are animating the digital world. 

Professor: Valentina Pala, Graphic Designer, Istituto Modartech

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