Fashion futures and fashion of the future



Oct 26, 2023


9:30 - 10:30



Fashion futures and fashion of the future: new scenarios and new skills for tomorrow's careers

CNA Federmoda Lombardia

Virtual webinar – Webex

Speaker: Caterina Mazzei – CNA Federmoda Consultant on Sustainability and Circular Economy

The fashion textile sector is changing, and it is important to raise awareness among the new generations about the transformations taking place, to make the right choices in the present: the talk is dedicated to those who want to know and explore the trends and the regulatory context that have and will have an impact on the fashion world.

The scenarios in which the new professionals will operate will mainly be dictated by the ecological transition which for the fashion sector is no longer a challenge, but a stage set by the European Union agendas. The EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles dictates the guidelines: 25 actions to be implemented by 2027, ensuring that by 2030 the products sold within the European Union are long-lasting, recyclable, non-hazardous, and with low impact.

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