Green Bag



Nov 3, 2022


9:00 - 9:40



Green Bag

IUAD Accademia Della Moda

Virtual workshop – Google Meet

Fashion industry generates around 20 million tons of waste every year. Circular fashion is designed on the basis of a sustainable production and consumption model, in which materials and products are recovered, recycled and reused to reduce waste and emissions.

Laura Masciadri, professor of Fashion Design, and Claudio Dozio, accessory designer, conceived The GREEN BAG workshop to suggest a valid alternative to the take-consume-throw model with the recover-recycle-reuse model.

In our workshop we will show you – directly from the lab – how it is possible to carry out a production of accessories obtained from processing waste, giving added value to the finished product.

Fashion System can decide the trends, not only on the catwalks and in magazines, but also in the struggle for a better use of resources.