May 22, 2024


09:00 - 10:00




2 special looks dedicated to 4 pop culture role models created with the collage technique on paper, in just 1 hour of lab!

IED Moda Milano

Timing: 1 hour

  • 20 minutes introduction and explanation of the exercise
  • 40 minutes of laboratory with active support from the teacher and further examples/ideas/feedbacks

Outcome: 2 artworks for each student starting from bases and materials provided by IED and practical work suggestions.

Exercise: Starting from a basic model printed in A3 format, design silhouettes directly on the model using materials of your choice, as if it were a mannequin, with techniques close to draping, understanding the volumes, the folds and the shapes of the product to be made.

Once you have a satisfactory shape, use tracing paper to draw a clearer design of the finished garment. Work on the sketch also using pieces taken from various fashion show photos, whole garments or just details, combining them with paper shapes of taste and invention of the student to obtain a unique and new look.

The exercise aims to produce results between the Fashion Designer and the Fashion Stylist job.

The figures that will be provided will have the features of pop culture characters:

  • Timothée Chalamet – Film Festival
  • Rupaul – Season Finale
  • Zendaya – Paris Fashion Week
  • Billie Eilish – Music Awards

The task consists in creating looks on commission for the chosen person and for a specific special occasion; the intent is to obtain an ad hoc project for the client, keeping in mind the style and body proportions of the muse in question.

The final artworks will have a narrative that will keep them together and if the project is satisfactory we will invite students to post theirs on social media using the various TAGs of the day.