M come Moda



Oct 20, 2023


8:30 - 9:30



M come Moda


Virtual Lecture – Google Meet

The fashion alphabet grows and transforms continuously, it reflects the living material of reference, a collective identity full of sense and possible senses. To orient yourself in this fascinating and complex language, it is useful to delve deeply into the roots of the words of fashion, how clothes and styles originate in their space of public meaning from many other ambitions, art, cinema, literature, music and much more. Giulia Rossi guides the audience in this universe of meaning starting from 132 words that are just the beginning of a year of an interesting and multifaceted journey in which the boundaries of time and space are broken down. M come Moda is the starting point to give a new meaning to the world of fashion or rather to the fashion that is in the world.

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