SneakerHEAD to SneakerHAND



Apr 20, 2024


13:30 - 14:30



“SneakerHEAD to SneakerHAND”

starting to draw a sneaker


Sneakers are the “IT” shoes of the new millennium. So global, genderless, intergenerational. Authentically POP being accessible to everyone and available in multiple styles that everybody knows and many enjoy sketching on paper, but very few know how to draw on last, respecting the shoe professionals’dogma: “last comes first!”.

So, if you are very sneakerHEAD, but little sneakerHAND, this workshop will make you learn the basics of drawing a sneaker on last. Just like real professionals do. Francesca Ratti, our teacher of shoe pattern making and design, will lead you in drawing the first lines on the last, in order to learn so how to start to set up a correct and balanced aesthetic of sneaker drawing and design.

Mini equipment to bring and not to forget

-2 permanent black marker: 1 wide tip and 1 fine tip (colored marker just optional)

-1 pencil

-1 rubber

-1 sharpener