Renè Van De Velde


Renè Van De Velde

René van de Velde Mcs is Head Department of Fashion & Branding, Education Innovation & Process and member of the Management team at AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute which is part of AUAS – Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

In 1991 he started his career as a social science researcher developing new research tools and methods to research the relationship between higher professional education and the labour market for different educational programs at AUAS.

In 1992 he became lecturer at AMFI in the fields of Psychology, Structures of Organisations and Organisational Behaviour. Later on, in 1996 he developed a new bachelor course called Visual Marketing in Fashion, which is now known as Fashion & Branding.

As a true believer in individuality, diversity, independent thinking and flexibility in education he directed the development and implementation of the Creativity First educational concept in 2007. This means that all programs at AMFI are now driven by products and integrated learning.

Rene has visited many universities as a guest lecturer on subjects of Brands & Identity, Brands & Retail, both national and international including the Johan Cruyff University Amsterdam, the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, the Utrecht University of the Arts and the Delft University of Technology, VIA University College Denmark.

He has also been the external examiner at UCA University Creative Arts for three years at Rochester. Currently he is supporting the curriculum development of the Fashion Design & Management program at UPC Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas at Lima, Peru.

Rene was born in Congo, spent part of his youth in Burundi and later on moved to a boarding school in the Netherlands. He loves dance, funk & jazz music and enjoys visiting Japan, where one of his two daughters is living.