Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera

The Fashion Design course of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, second level degree and lasting two years, aims to train designers capable of designing and producing a collection of clothes and accessories. In particular, the course is characterized by theoretical and laboratory teaching aimed at spreading a culture of design, attentive to the contamination and hybridization of contemporary knowledge and practices. A choice in line with the centuries-old history of our Academy. Fashion, therefore, as a plural language: privileged observatory of the visual arts, applied arts and trends. During the course of teaching (from textile design to jewelry design, from modeling to fashion setting, from publishing to design management), students have the opportunity to compete with a modus operandi strongly rooted in the process and design tradition of Made in Italy and together, open to the innovative scenarios of the Internet and to the new frontiers of digital as well.

The students of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts will be present at this year’s “Fashion Graduate” runway show. Through the Making Of, three recognizable personalities and three different stylistic codes that make Brera an unique institution are being showcased. On the runway, we will see Federica Trunzo, Elisa Grassi Odetti, Francesco Cuomo, Liu Lianhao, Chan Fangli, Fan Mengze, Jingyu Ling, and Yichen Gao. Experimentation, artistic research, and creativity are the words that make the collections of Brera students recognizable and unforgettable. 


The collections of the Brera Academy offer a variety of unique perspectives and inspirations from talented students.
Fan Mengze explores futurism with checkerboard patterns inspired by time-lapse photography, while Chan Fangli reflects on the cycle of karma and the illusion of perfection using old clothing and reflective materials. Francesco Cuomo draws inspiration from microorganisms, creating a bio-inspired collection. JingYu Ling takes inspiration from analog cameras, transforming elements like film cartons into clothing pieces. Federica Trunzo captures the gaze of women to create a liberating collection with corsets and symbolic pockets. Tianhao Liu draws inspiration from goldfish and the world of human perception. Elisa Grassi Odetti blends the Pirandellian idea of individuality and the fragmented human condition in a theatrical collection. Yichen Gao finds inspiration in the beauty of life through a healing short film, aiming to envelop people like white clouds. Rim Dahari explores the contrast between the ancient and the modern, inspired by their experience in Milan.
In general, each collection reflects the profound process of learning and artistic growth among the students. 

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