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AFOL Moda is a prestigious school of excellence located in the heart of Milan, dedicated to nurturing the talent and creativity of its students. The school provides top-notch professional training that combines project-based learning with a strong technical foundation, ensuring a comprehensive education for its students. Its teaching approach is multidisciplinary, integrating theoretical lessons with practical and hands-on experiences, workshops, and seminars to provide a well-rounded and cutting-edge education. Many AFOL Moda students have achieved significant international success and now hold prominent roles within major fashion companies.

Discover the AFOL Moda behind-the-scenes with making-of videos created by our fashion design and tailoring students. Lorena Valle, Silvia Ingallina, Leone Locatelli, and Francesco Mombelli share their vision for the future of fashion: from concept to creation, four young talents guide us on a journey through their design process, revealing their backgrounds, aspirations, and projects while shaping the industry with their ideas and creativity.


The desire to break away from stereotypes, the courage to express oneself, and the awareness that the only limits we have are those we set for ourselves are the driving forces behind AFOL Moda’s collections.

The collections follow each other like chapters in a story, steeped in an intimate and romantic individualism, but always embracing the past and the future, with a keen eye on ecology and the importance of reuse as a valuable tool that offers new possibilities for experimentation in the fashion industry and its path towards sustainability.

Elisa Conti e Francesca D’andrea / RE-GENERATION

A playful and modern upcycling project for a children’s collection with a chic streetwear feel, which gives new life to old clothes and small unused scraps, empowering the new generations who will soon have the task of taking care of our planet.

Tiziana Ferrari/ PAPER HEART

A story that introduces us to a world made of soft volumes and geometric cuts with an exotic flavor. Fabrics in neutral colors and with a crisp hand shape the body with sculptural folds.

Silvia Ingallina/BODY TALKS

Can our emotions be visually represented? Silvia Ingallina explores this question in her intimate collection, in which the deepest movements of the soul are transformed into a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes. Her emotional experiences emerge from within and cover the body, revealing its energies and fragility. A delicate balance between sensuality and instability.

Francesca Nadalini/ERROR

Laces, corsets, heavy fabrics and military references in a men’s collection as constrictive as rebellious, to remind us that the limits we see are only fears that are looking at us, waiting to be broken.

Matteo Ninno/OTHERWISE

Athleisure and unisex, Matteo Ninno’s collection invites us to step outside the margins imposed by everyday routine to escape stereotypes and the grayness of concrete cities. It is an opportunity to express our individuality and to feel a little special.

Federica Rossoni/LUCID DREAM

“Lucid Dream” is an exploration of the border between dream and reality, a collection with an ethereal and light aesthetic: hooks, quilts and folds evoke a sense of purity and peace that reflects the dreamlike nature of the collection.

Lorena Valle/MOLTITUDO

Moltitudo is meant to be an homage to the journalist Giusi Ferré. Through upcycling of silks and precious garments that belonged to her, and hand-painted fabrics, a search for synthesis is carried out, starting from a multitude of elements, worlds, and interests that come from a lifetime.

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