IED is an international Group, the largest Higher Education Network in the creative field to have maintained a global outlook and a deeply Italian cultural matrix, since 1966. IED is a network that spanning with

11 campuses over 3 countries, Italy, Spain and Brazil

IED is an inclusive, transdisciplinary school that uses design as a universal language for change. Every year, IED launches innovative educational projects in the fields of study of Design, Fashion, Communication and Management, Arts and Restoration and Visual Arts, developing forms of learning and new models for interpreting the future. 

IED relies on a network of more than 3.000 lecturers, active in their respective fields of reference, with whom it collaborates continuously to ensure the perfect performance of the training activities of its locations.

Through words and images, Annalisa Corvace, Daria Gastaldi and Maria Chiara Sorbino talk about their experience and creativity. Three different points of view that describe in first person their projects, their research and experimentation work and the values that inspire their collections. The IED experience has been a valid path to give life their expectations and wishes for the future.


A journey around IED Italia Seats through the concepts of the 12 students who will present their capsule collections:

Annarita Biava – Fragile

The experience of fragility is common to people; it is a tool for understanding oneself and others and it is a possible driver of a new worldview. It is the fragile root of people that makes them human, emotional, aware of themselves and their surroundings. Fragile was created as a Spring/Summer capsule collection 2024, intimate and delicate to embrace the fragility of the wearer with freedom and affection. Even the beauty of each garment lies in its fragility, given by the choice of fabric, workmanship and color.

Annalisa Corvace – Eleimà

The collection aims to express the essence through the freedom of individualism. The capsule Nudity searches for the ancestral condition of purity through the nude, deconstructing the nudity-eroticism association and leaving room for pure and deep admiration. The capsule Layering from soul to matter. A layering of styles, materials, shapes, volumes in order to break free from all logic by embracing the androgyny and exasperation of unconstrained forms. Nature live in an atmosphere reminiscent of Pan, clothes come to life breathing in the most primitive colors of nature itself.

Alessio Dolfi e Carlotta Mora – Tutti hanno paura

The collection is the result of a collaboration with the PAURA brand that combines creativity and zero-waste design. The concept starts from the game Tangram, a Chinese puzzle game that consists of recreating new figures from seven triangles cut out on the surface of a square. The idea is to introduce the logic of Tangram into the world of fashion, trying to use not only geometric shapes, but also curved lines and fitted figures. The Tangram helps to deconstruct and recompose designs by concretising the product into clothes and accessories created entirely from the shapes extrapolated from the Tangram; in this way, the clothes do not follow the canons imposed by classic tailoring but adapt to the figures that are proposed.

Daria Gastaldi – Chrysalis 

The collection that re-elaborates the concept according to which, the human being can reconcile with the most innate part of the true self. Humans will manage to recognize the image of the true oneself only by facing a transition process also known as “the death of the Ego”, which requires a period of destruction, denial and alienation acted by the Ego. The uniform transmutes itself into a creative act and a new means of expression. The garments turn into a canvas enriched by different textile processes, which are inspired by artists such as Emil Alzamora, Simone Hantaï and Korakrit Arunanondchai.

Dorotea Oddo – Animata Materia

The collection that allows us to explore and learn about the “perfect mechanism” through an inner journey that will continue outside our body. The path is divided into two phases: the first analyzes the innermost part of the organism, the human anatomy, tackled with a material touch; while the second it is considered a transitory phase in which internal and external aspects of the human being merge through a new vision of the skin, interpreted as a transparent glass that allows one to look inside the body.

Matteo Rosellini – Aìre

The collection draws inspiration from a series of personal and emotional reflections developed through experiences up until now. The memories of a childhood spent in the countryside, among the hills of Tuscany, serve as the starting point for the Spring/Summer 2024 collection titled Aìre. The melancholy inevitably felt when reminiscing about those moments of lightness and fun is therefore reworked to be pleasantly fixed in memory, thanks to the appreciation of small things. Details of familiar and common scenarios become the means to relive moments of happiness.

Zineb Sannak – Estasi

Man in the capitalist society governed by the consumerist model is destined to dissatisfaction and a sense of uncertainty, as an unstoppable accumulator and consumer, until he himself becomes an object and commodity of consumption, devoid of identity and social role. Continuous stimulation and lack of boredom lead to a decline in creativity and the inability to care for the common good and the planet. The current social situation is resulting in mass post-traumatic stress disorder, with generalised rage and fear towards the future. The only way to metabolise the traumas we are accumulating seems to be to accept the disorientation, or at least realise the situation we are in and recognise our fragilities.

Maria Chiara Sorbino – Vitruviana 

The collection mix art, anatomy and geometry in a single picture that has become the symbol of Humanism. Taking the principles of the Renaissance of Leonardo da Vinci, the project undertakes an excursion through the concept of perfection and transformation of a body, referring to its structures and fluidity. The female figure is inscribed in the center of a circle, symbol of heavenly perfection, and at the same time into a square, symbol of earthly perfection. The female body thus becomes the central pivot of the world. In the dialogue between the Renaissance and the contemporary body Da Vinci’s concept finally lapses, leaving freedom to a conscious body, linked to the acceptance.

Angelica Siddi – Stain

The collection comes to life from the analysis of the highly sensitive person personality trait,

It develops conceptually through materials, shapes, fabric manipulations and prints that represent the state of overstimulation and the constant search for a domestic environment.

Jieru Yang e Susy Zhang – Natural Rhapsody

We imagine a dystopian future, a world 150 years from now, in which the only elements that can be traced back to nature are our collections. We know the fashion industry’s negative impact on resource consumption, energy, and environmental pollution. Therefore, we have decided to be a leader in sustainable development by exploring and promoting sustainable production and design. We want to set an eco-friendly example for the fashion industry by using fabrics with all-vegetable dyes and biomaterials created with avocado waste.

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