L’Istituto di Moda Burgo was founded in 1961 by the current director Fernando Burgo. For 60 years, our goal has been to provide students with the tools to develop their creativity and aspirations, bringing our passion for work and our unique method all around the world, for an increasingly international approach. The main goal is to train highly competent professional figures, who are able to enter the world of work immediately: great attention is given to the training and updating courses of teachers and to collaborations with high-profile brands during the academic course. The preparation for the world of work is guaranteed by the almost exclusively practical lessons and the individual teaching method: each student is thus able to make the most of each lesson, thanks to personalized programs.

Identity, passion and creativity are the starting point of every artist. Arianna Bertoglio, Iris Indrigo and Maru Cornelio, Fashion Design students at the Burgo Fashion Institute tell us precisely this. Find out how they achieved their goals, how they overcame difficulties and how they are growing professionally and personally by listening to their words!



A representation of the self, the unconscious and the most creative and artistic soul that adapts to the constant stimuli of the present, preserving the simplicity of the past and preparing for the future.

The manipulations and superimpositions of the tissues represent these impulses of the human brain and in particular those of the Amygdala, a part of this organ that, on a neurological level, attaches emotional meaning to stimuli from the outside world.

This part of the brain, which controls emotions, is much more sensitive in designers and creative people in general than in others, which is why they are able to get to fantastic places and create things unheard of for more rational minds.

An “X-ray” of the Amygdala of Creatives represented by the transparencies, fabric contrasts and internal seams of high tailoring, thus interpreting new worlds and cerebral horizons that are activated whenever the Amygdala perceives signals from outside, thanks to its innovative impulses.